bg-space has been renamed#

The “bg” prefix that a number of BrainGlobe tools carry is not very distinctive nor informative, so we are rolling out minor name changes to a lot of our packages that contain this prefix. We are also taking this opportunity to bring these tools into line with our developer guidelines for automatic deployment, tooling, and testing.

The first on our list is bg-space, which will be changing name to the more explicit brainglobe-space. Beyond this name change, there will be no functionality changes to the package, but several other tools will switch to depending on brainglobe-space from now on, and bg-space will be archived and not receive any future updates.

What do I need to do?#

Users who installed BrainGlobe through it’s single (“meta”) package install with pip install brainglobe will just need to update the package by running

pip install brainglobe --upgrade

in your environment, which will fetch the new version of all the affected packages. You can use pip show brainglobe to check your version has updated - you should find you now have brainglobe version as 1.0.1 or higher.

If you are manually managing your BrainGlobe tools, you will need to uninstall bg-space and install brainglobe-space in its place. You’ll also need to update the following packages, which have dropped their bg-space dependency and now depend on brainglobe-space:

  • bg-atlasapi, version 1.0.3 or newer.

  • brainglobe-napari-io, version 0.3.3 or newer.

  • morphapi, version 0.2.2 or newer.

  • brainrender, version 2.1.5 or newer.

  • brainreg, version 1.0.4 or newer.