The BrainGlobe Initiative was originally established in the labs of Troy Margrie, Tiago Branco and Ruben Portugues by Adam Tyson, Federico Claudi and Luigi Petrucco.

Development is now led by the Neuroinformatics Unit at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre by Adam Tyson and Alessandro Felder. The current active core development team can be found here.


The BrainGlobe Initiative is a community effort and is only possible due to the hard work of many, many people. In no particular order:

Christian Niedworok
Chryssanthi Tsitoura
Sepiedeh Keshavarzi
Mateo Vélez-Fort
Luigi Petrucco
Niko Sirmpilatze
David Pérez-Suárez
Iaroslavna Vasylieva
Maximilian Blacher
Hernando Martinez Vergara
Kimberly Meechan

Inspired by All Contributors. All information is sourced from GitHub. If any changes need to be made, please get in touch.