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An atlas for the Blind Mexican Cavefish has been added to BrainGlobe

Kozol et al, 2023 recently published a brain atlas of the blind Mexican cavefish Astyanax mexicanus. This species is interesting from an evolutionary point of view, due to divergent phenotypes (surface- and cave-dwelling) that can be hybridised in the lab. Surface-dwelling populations have retained their eyesight, while cave-dwellers have not. The cavefish brain atlas allows us to understand how brains of a single species have changed anatomically and functionally as part of their adaptations to the environment.

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Plans for brainrender

Recent maintenance work means brainrender now works with more recent versions of Python and more recent versions of key dependencies (such as vedo). It should also be straightforward to install on all operating systems. We take this opportunity to set out the next steps for this tool.

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