Installing brainrender#

Basic installation#

To install brainrender, we strongly recommend creating a conda environment and a supported version of Python. Then, installing brainrender is as simple as:

pip install brainrender


With newer versions of Python on Windows, you may need to run conda install pyside2 before running pip install.


On Silicon Macs, you may need to run conda install hdf5 before running pip install.


You might get some error messages reporting conflicting version requirements for the allensdk package and a couple of others. You can safely ignore these.


Note that some of brainrender’s more rarely used features may require the installation of additional packages. In particular, for exporting videos you will need to install ffmpeg.

Advanced installation#

If you want the most recent version of brainrender’s code, perhaps to help developing it, you can either clone the GitHub repository or you can get install it directly from GitHub with:

pip install -U git+